Become a more confident writer and thinker

If in the beginning of my career I was about imparting wisdom and instructing young people to do and think the way I thought they should, my career at this point is about conversation, experience, possibility, debate. It’s more about listening. I’m still rigid about certain aspects of my work: writing instruction, for example. I’m as tough and candid about a student’s writing than I am on anything else.

During the summer or school year, I’ll work with the student to tackle any writing or literature assignments the student receives.

I will work in collaboration with the student to identify strengths and areas in need of closer focus, and I will offer them the tools to succeed on their own.

I will also help students navigate their way through difficult literary texts and show them how close attention to detail sets them up for more meaningful participation in class discussion and more confidence in their independent thinking.

Unlike an hourly tutor, an online coach can be more flexible in terms of answering students’ questions and addressing their needs as they arise. I’ve been a weekly tutor before, and I had virtually no contact with my student until we met on our regularly scheduled day. Online coaching allows for a more fluid schedule.

The ten to fifteen learners I’ll take as clients during the semester or school year get devoted attention to their work and improvement as writers and learners. Contact me if you’re interested in meeting me for a consultation.

If you’d like to experience a little bit of the kind of instruction I deliver, you can watch and listen to a video I created on how to explicate a poem.