Testimonials from Parents

What I noticed was the elevated level of inspiration and improved orientation toward writing in general that was imbued upon our son. Our son was an astute and accomplished speaker from a very young age but had great difficulty putting his thoughts on paper succinctly. That changed dramatically when he studied under F Tempone.

—Bruce M.

…(My son) chose to read additional books on his own by authors whom you had introduced him to, and I think that his picking up a book on his own, long after the semester ended, is another good indicator that the class had a positive impact on him.

— Charlie G

Testimonials from Students

I need to use concise and precise writing every day in my work. As I’m able, I prefer to be concise and precise in discourse as well. It would be impossible for me to have come this far professionally without a solid foundation of years of good teaching – that foundation started in your classroom.

— Heather C., Western New England University ’10, Boston University ‘14

You instilled in me not only a love for English, but also a love of writing. I have to be honest, I’m not a big reader. I know, take some deep breaths and try to recover. However, I love to write. There’s something very therapeutic about writing and I honestly never knew this until having you as a teacher.

—Brooks A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ‘09

It’s the personal/academic blend that truly sets FT apart from other professors. FT is eminently approachable, keenly interested, totally focused and perpetually laid-back. He not only cares about his students but his personal style is deeply rooted in a spirit of collaboration…His leadership, attitude and consistent behavior also serve as a fabulous role model for students during the difficult times that may be associated with the years between grade school and adulthood.

—Andrew M., Columbia University ‘19

…you bring energy and genuine passion for the subject matter and your use of different teaching methods combined with unique forms of assessment contribute to making the class feel fresh and enjoyable.

—Peter G.

I found one-on-one time was the place Mr. Tempone had the greatest positive effect on students. In these sessions, he used his expertise to analyze our writing and improve on it, and I was also able to relate to him in those meetings as the funny, humble, and thoughtful person he is.

—Eric G., Pomona ‘19

When I attended high school Mr. Tempone gently and relentlessly showed me how to express myself in writing. I say ‘gently’ because Mr. Tempone minimized unnecessary harm to my teenage ego, and I say ‘relentlessly’ because he without fail explained whatever I could improve in my writing -much to the chagrin of my teenage ego. Mr Tempone effortlessly balances humor and diligence like only the best teachers can, and if you’d like a someone to teach you or another how to write a persuasive essay about yourself or something else look no farther -especially if teenage egos are involved.

—Christopher P., Hampshire College ’16

I had the privilege of working with Frank Tempone as a middle school student at an after school group for youth writers. I walked in the door on my first day a wayward student but walked out months later with a love of writing a burning desire to never stop improving my craft. He is truly an exceptional teacher and mentor who inspires students of varying levels and interests and helps them to take their work from basic ideas to essays worthy of being published. If you are searching for someone to help a student develop their writing, particularly for academic purposes, I cannot recommend Mr. Tempone highly enough.

—Samuel O., Sarah Lawrence College ’18

I had the privilege of learning from Mr. Tempone for 3 years in high school. His expertise allowed me to excel in writing papers at both Pomona College and Oxford. He knows how to work with all types of students and push them to fully develop essay ideas and structures. Above all, he cares deeply for his students, on both an academic and personal level. I recommend his services!

—Nick A., Pomona College ’18

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